Clubs: Grades 2-5

Basketball Club

Are you our next future NBA star? Do you like basketball or would you like to learn how to play? If so then this is the club for you. You will learn about good sportsmanship and the skills for playing basketball. Basketball is a sport involving the performance of great teamwork.

Bead Bracelet Design Club

Do you love making things? Have you thought of making jewelry with beads? Well it’s a great way to create uniques pieces for yourself, family, or for friends!

Card Games

You want to learn how to play cards and meet new people too? Then this is the club for you.

Cooking Club

Calling all Students who love to eat and make food! Join us to learn about good nutrition, what’s in season, planning, preparing meals and reading food labels.

Computer & Science Club

Do you love learning to code and program? Are excited about science experiments? Come join the Computer & Science Club. You’re only a click away!

Drama/Open mic

Do you love to act and express yourself through skits and poetry? Well the drama club is the place for you.


Do you love music and drums? Well… come join TFS first ever Drumline. Were going to learn the art of drumming while working on technique, coordination and focusing. Drumming can be a great way to channel and release emotions, anxiety and energy.​

DYO(Design Your Own)

DYO means designing your own. Do you like being Unique? You want your things to look different from everyone else. This is the perfect club for you show your imagination and talent. Make your own shirts, socks, bags and more. This can be for you or gifts for your loved ones and friends.

Gaming Club

Is all about having fun and friendly competition. We are going to be using Nintendo switches and play games like Mario Kart, Mario Party, Super Smash brothers, Dragon Ball Z fighters, Minecraft, and NBA 2k24.


Would you like to go outside in the garden for some hands-on learning experiences! We will plant flowers that will pop up in spring and use garden tools to make outside of our school look beautiful.

Guitar Club

Guitar club is a club for students who would love to learn to play the acoustic guitar. This is a great opportunity to meet and get to know other students who love music just like you. Come lets play music, make new friends, and have fun!

Lego Club

Build your imagination! Let’s bring the pieces together and create something fun. Come join the Lego Club – let’s go!


Do you love music and singing! TFS VOICE is the place for you. You get to meet other students who share your passion for singing. Come sing along with us!


Do you love creating things? Join the origami club. Origami is a Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures.

Poetry Club

Are you interested in writing poetry, and performing. The Poetry Club will be a positive and productive atmosphere where young writers come together to learn, and grow.

Double Dutch

Do you like jump or would you like to learn how to? Join the double dutch team for fun and exciting ways to end your week.

Sign Language Club

Do you just love learning languages? What about sign language? Join this club to learn how to communicate through sign.

Step Club

Stepping is more than a dance. In stepping, the body is used to make sounds through clapping, stomping and spoken word. Modern day stepping also uses elements of tap dancing, break dancing, gymnastics and Afro-Caribbean dance.

Yoga Club

The objective of yoga club is to practice yoga postures while learning about how yoga can be used to manage stress, improve the mind-body connection, and increase strength and flexibility. … You will learn the basic yoga poses (asana), healthy alignment, and yogic breat