Clubs: Grades K&1

Painting Club

Do you enjoy expressing yourself through art. Then join the painting club. We will explore finger painting and painting with watercolors.

Lego Club

Build your imagination! Let’s bring the pieces together and create something fun. Come join the Lego Club – let’s go!

Board Games Club

Do you like to play games? Well this is the club for you. We will be playing Uno, Candyland, Chutes and Ladders and many more.

Puppetry Club

Do you want to develop your creativity and imagination by storytelling, drama and arts and craft activities. Then the puppetry club is the place to be. We would be creative puppets and, making them come alive through storytelling.

Playdoh Creations

Do you love creating things? Join the play doh creations club and let your imagination go wild

Stem Club

Come let’s explore, create and invent. Join the Stem club! 

Cooking Club

Calling all Students who love to eat and make food! Join us to learn about good nutrition, what’s in season, planning, preparing meals and reading food labels.