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RegistrationA District 9 School

Community School District 9
Harry Sherman, Superintendent
Dr.Jasmin Varela, Deputy Superintendent • Anthony Rivera, Deputy Superintendent
1245 Washington Avenue, Bronx, NY 10456 • (718) 579-7143

District 9 Vision
Community School District 9 will foster a safe, supportive, and culturally responsive community where every student thrives civically and academically and is college and career ready.

District 9 Mission
Community School District 9 will collaborate with all stakeholders to create supportive, accelerated, and diverse learning experiences and build strong school-community ties for every student and family.

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Who We Are

The Family School is a rigorous and inquiry-based learning environment, which is modeled on a nurturing home. It is a supportive learning environment in which students, families, and staff collaboratively create a lifestyle in which education extends beyond six hours of the school day. Student outcomes will include an increasing ability to achieve as learners, competitors, and contributors in our increasingly multicultural, diverse and complex world.

At The Family School, we believe that each child deserves an enriching environment to learn and grow.

Through reflective and active learning, students have the opportunity to engage in standards- based learning that links subject matter with their cultural identities to provide multiple perspectives. Learning progressively increases expectations for all students.

Student Support and Enrichment

  • Learning environment simulates a respectful, safe and nurturing home
  • Teachers support development of all learners, including English language learners and students with special needs, through a deep understanding of learning styles, and multiple intelligences
  • Staff are multicultural and multigenerational
  • Leadership roles for students in conflict mediation.
  • Students choose their own electives Enrichments activities during recess

The benefits of a responsive, well-planned home/school communication

  • Improved test scores & grades
  • More positive student attitudes and positive classroom learning
  • Lower drop out rates
  • Fewer special education referrals
  • Less high risk behavior
  • Increased parental support for school's initiatives, and programs

*Based on research conducted and compiled by the National Association of School Psychologists.

Family/School Collaboration

  • Literacy support for families, which may include Adult English as a Second Language, GED and computer classes
  • Workshops reinforce family support as the structure of the school by helping families bring learning that happens at school into home
  • Multi-lingual staff members in the school's Parent Center provide families with social services • Multicultural and bilingual library open to community at night
  • Summer retreat for staff, family volunteers, and community members on team-building • Family members trained as volunteers in the school
  • Frequent opportunities for parents and teachers to communicate


The Family School has many academic programs before and after school programs. It really has benefited my family with our busy schedule.- Fourth Grade Parent

I love coming to school! - 1st Grade Student

My daughter was struggling with her academics. The teachers at The Family School took their time with her. She has progressed nicely in her reading. Thank you!- Second Grade Parent