Mrs. Janine Bigio-Esposito

Assistant Principal
The Family School, PS 443x

Janine Biglo Esposito

It is with great enthusiasm that I introduce myself as the Assistant Principal at The Family School.  Along with the excitement, I am honored to be a part of The Family School community and I realize the great responsibility that I have to encourage, empower, and guide our children.  It is also an opportunity to positively impact the families, staff, and communities in support of our students—a value that makes every day deeply purposeful and personal.

To prepare for the Assistant Principal role, my journey began with a BA in Psychology from SUNY Albany, with a minor in Education. I was recruited for the NYC Teaching Fellows where I was selected for the critical-need subject area of Students with Disabilities for Grades 1-6.  I attended Hunter College where I received a Master of Science degree in Childhood Education and Students with Disabilities Grades 1-6. I furthered my education by obtaining a Master of Science degree in School Building Leadership and School District Leadership from Touro College. 

Prior to becoming an Assistant Principal, I had 9 years of classroom teaching experience at the PS90 campus which includes: Self-Contained Special Education Teacher (grades 2-5), Special Education Intergraded Coteaching Teacher (grades 2-4) and Special Education Teacher Support Services Provider (SETSS). In addition, I embraced many teacher leadership roles throughout my career including: Grade Leader, Teacher Leader, Instructional Coach, and UFT Teacher Center Instructional Specialist.

When I am not at our school, I love spending time with my supportive husband Raymond and two-year-old daughter Mila.  We also have an Olde English Bulldog named Bro.  My family is one of the most important and valuable gifts in my life.  Family is one of those first places where you learn most of the good things in life; from being kind to showing gratitude, to helping others and feeling a sense of security.  All of these are some of the examples of moral and values which only a family can create –a clear highlight I see in The Family School when speaking with teachers, staff, parents, and educators.

I look forward to continuing the best practices that are reflective of The Family School’s core values and I take great pride in serving our students!